TrackMIS and Wialon Integration

TrackMIS integration to Wialon ready.

Tracking and IoT companies generally use third party systems to take care of all the tracking data, portal and mobile apps. One of such companies offering tracking systems is for GPS tracking businesses is Gurtam, with their product – Wialon.

TrackMIS is now integrated into Wialon and extensively tested. TrackMIS is able to;

  • Create customer accounts and manage users through TrackMIS contact management, including defining preset permission groups such as “General Customer User” and “Admin Customer User”.
  • Create units based on WLP templates when an order is provisioned; including SIM and IMEI synchronized with TrackMIS subscriptions.
  • Create units in the right hierarchal structure recommended by Wialon, in the customers account.
  • Grant internal users access to the unit for providing support and administrative services.
  • Suspending a subscription will make the necessary unit group changes to remove the unit from customers access.
  • Terminating a subscription will delete the unit from Wialon, thus reducing cost of sale wastage.
  • One click Device Swap process from trouble ticket system that can be completed by a technician on site; and make all the necessary and relevant changes.
  • And so much more.

If you are using Wialon for your tracking business, we think that you’ll immensely benefit from what we’ve done with our integration in TrackMIS – that’s going to let you focus more time building your business than managing yet another backend system.

Drop us a line on [email protected] to learn more on how you can get started.